Welcome to the Best of Central American Music

The fusion and musical memory of diverse peoples, Indigenous and Spanish entwined, English mixed with African in a ribbon of land uniting North and South America.

The papaya is one of Central America’s greatest legacies to the world. We chose this fruit as the emblem of our label because it originates from a musically rich but little explored region. A region that only recently, in 2002, made its identity known to the world through La Orquesta de la Papaya (The Papaya Orchestra), a musical experiment that led to the creation of the Papaya Music label and our Collection of Central American Music.

Every Papaya Music disc is a celebration, a piece of Central America’s musical identity that brings together traditional and contemporary performers, well-known artists and graphic designers, sound technicians, photographers, researchers and writers to blend music, images and lyrics, making each CD a small, unique work of art.

The enzymes of Papaya Music clear the mind, oxygenate the blood and purify the body. To prove it, we invite you to enjoy one of the discs from our Collection.