Manuel Obregón


Piano Solo

Obregón offers several live concerts on acoustic piano, interpreting original themes from his extensive solo recordings.

The repertorire for each concert centers on compositions written for the CDs he made in the ‘90s: “Piano Solo,” “Concierto del Farolito,” “Sortilegio,” “Piano y Ángel Ausente” and “Sin Ton ni Son.”



Manuel Obregón interprets the work of Paraguayan guitarist Agustín Barrios Mangoré. His transcriptions for piano have been praised by the Paraguayans themselves, earning him a place with their own artists of fame.



The images appearing on the DVD Simbiosis are projected on a giant screen while Manuel Obregón plays live renditions of the seven melodies he composed in the Monteverde Reserve. The concert creates the sensation that the piano is set in the midst of the rain forest. A wonderful interplay between visual and music language.

Simbiosis (Video, 44 sec.) mac - pc


The list of live concerts by Manuel Obregón includes other audiovisual shows, such as Génesis and OM.


Sporadic Jazz Quartet

Improvisation and magnificent interpretation stand out in this quartet of mutually complementary, virtuoso musicians as they have fun playing with jazz.

With Fidel Gamboa playing saxophone and flute, Kin Rivera on drums, Jaime Gamboa on bass and Manuel Obregón, piano.


Malpaís has won over generations of Costa Ricans all at once with songs composed by brothers Jaime and Fidel Gamboa, interpreted by the latter.

Their live presentations offer a good dose of nostalgia and a profuse combination of instruments, taking over urban spaces such as the old Customs House, former railroad stations and public plazas.

Malpaís (Video, 39 sec.) mac - pc


La Orquesta de la Papaya
The Papaya Orchestra

Fourteen musicians representing all of the Central American countries. Their music is a fusion of folklore and modern day, traditional and contemporary instruments, launching a region absent from the international stage until now.

Getting all of these artists together is a difficult task, usually reserved for international festivals and presentations overseas.


Orquesta de la papaya (Video, 40 sec.)
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Piano and Marimba Orchestra

Manuel Obregón and the “Nicaragua Mía” Marimba Orchestra interpret the traditional music of Costa Rica and Nicaragua and complex works such as “Catedral,” by Mangoré, in a repertory enriched by seven years of working together.

Accompanied by guitarrilla and percussion, this dialogue between piano and marimbas de arco reaches peaks of excitement as innovation takes off from tradition.

Acoustic Gospel

The male vocal sextet MasterKey and the Tucker sisters quartet come together with Obregón’s piano to interpret gospel music from the Jamaican and Afro-American tradition.

These two choral formations have all the qualities necessary to put Costa Rica on the map for those who love this musical genre.


Master Key (Video, 38 sec.) mac - pc
Caribbean Gospel

Between musicians and choirs, more than 40 artists from different Protestant churches come together for a vibrant concert placing jazz, calypso, reggae and other Caribbean rhythms at the service of religious music. With Manuel Obregón, MasterKey, the Tucker sisters and guests.


Gospel Caribe (Video, 44 sec.) mac - pc
Manuel Monestel

Singer-researcher of Costa Rican Caribbean rhythms, Manuel Monestel interprets the calypsos of Walter Ferguson, Lenky and other composers in the province of Limón. Accompanied by his guitar, Monestel interprets themes of his own composition, in the genre of the Latin American Folk.


Manuel Monestel (Video, 37 sec.) mac - pc
Manuel Monestel and Cantoamérica

Cantoamérica is known for playing calypsos from the Caribbean coast with a touch of salsa. The group’s repertoire includes several themes by Ferguson, as well as Costa Rican poets.